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About Zoë Egerton RCST

Zoe Egerton Craniosacral Therapy Brighton

I am a mother of two children and discovered Craniosacral Therapy 24 years ago, when my second child received treatment following a difficult birth involving vacuum extraction, an intervention which left my baby with whiplash. After 6 weeks of constant pain, he received 2 treatments to release this and the tension held in his little body and was finally able to sleep without needing to be held in my arms 24 hours a day for comfort and reassurance. The results were profound and hugely beneficial, not only for my son, but for the whole family. 

I have a background in dance, movement and yoga, as well as in coaching private and corporate clients. Meditation and Shamanic practices also inform my approach, while my experience and involvement in holistic health and healing has spanned 35 years or more.

I am a qualified Craniosacral practitioner, with both structural and biodynamic aspects of Craniosacral Therapy integrated into my practice. I'm also a registered member (RCST) of the Craniosacral Therapy Association, am fully insured with Holistic Insurance Services and regularly undertake further CPD training. I treat clients of all ages, from both the UK and Europe, at The Practice Rooms in Brighton (see link below).

In addition to my private practice, I'm very happy to have brought Craniosacral Therapy to 'The Clock Tower Sanctuary' in Brighton, a charity supporting homeless 16 - 25 year olds. I'm presently involved with the Grenfell Project in London at KOTG, treating those directly affected by the events of the fire with which we are all so familiar.

I am also treating adults with severe PTSD at the Southdown Housing Association, a local charity in Brighton, as well as family members in the unenviable position of requiring dedicated hospice care and support for their children from Chestnut Tree House.


* Craniosacral Therapy Diploma 

   London - 2021-2022

* Fascial Unwinding - 2022

* Craniosacral for Babies & Small Children

   Etienne Peirsman - 2022

* Birth Mask Reveal, Level 1

   Karlton Terry - 2022

* CST for Trauma

   London - 2022

* CST for High Functioning Neuro-diverse

   children and young adults - 2023

*CST: Working with Complex Needs - 2024

Craniosacral Rhythm


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Craniosacral Therapy Association
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